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Bartenders are AWESOME, super friendly, each having a great sense of humor. The regular crowd is friendly and welcoming. Great spot to stop at and relax with a beer. Definitely a dive, but that's a positive in todays regular Bay Area "bar" scene.  Eric V.

I gather that I did not get the typical experience at this divey pool bar last night, as it was packed to the gills with a 20-30something rowdy crowd.  However, the owner & bartenders rose to a mighty challenge last night and succeeded with flying pool cues.  there was: rap, punk rock, Bad Touch, metal, fantastic scratching DJ, boobs, 2 girls & 1 cup, zombies a transvestite with a wedgie, crazy dancing guy who nobody knew, but everyone loved and it was good.   If I lived around here, this would definitely be my hangout spot.  .  Ravena F

I stopped in on the Mardi Gras on Sunday after shopping at target, they were playing cards and the bartender was running around for these old people. I never seen handicap scooters in the bar. The customer were watching  the 49ers and having there alcohol, the bartender was very friendly she was nice to me she told me her name.and I told her mine. I had a fun time and next time i bring a few friends.  Dianne w 

The Mardi Gras is a great little neighborhood bar. New owners just took over and they seem like good people. Bartenders are great, especially Tara. There are always some regulars there but new people come in all the time. I'll see you there this weekend.   Mark S.

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